International Colloquium on Law, Bioethics & Information Technology

PUCRS Porto Alegre, November 3-6th, 2015

Tuesday Nov 3 7:00 pm:

Moderator: Jaderson da Costa (InsCer, School of Medicine, PUCRS)

Otavio Bueno (University of Miami), “Evidence and Ethics in Medicine: Some Models”

Respondent: José Goldim (UFRGS/PUCRS)

Wednesday Nov 4 2:00 pm: Roundtable on Bioethics in Brazil

Moderator:  Draiton de Souza

José Goldim (UFRGS/PUCRS)

Paulo Vinicius Sporleder de Souza (Director of Bioethics Institute, PUCRS)

Anamaria Gonçalves Feijó (Bioethics Institute, PUCRS)

Arthur Ferreira Neto (PUCRS)

Wednesday Nov 4 7:00 pm:

Moderator: Nythamar de Oliveira

Paola de Cuzzani (University of Bergen, Norway), “Transindividuality and the Genesis of Rights”

Kenneth Goodman (Director, Bioethics Program, University of Miami), “Clouds, Nets and Banks: Ethical Challenges for International Data Sharing”

Thursday Nov 5 9:00 am: Roundtable on Recognition & Justice

Moderator: Fabricio Pontin

Johannes Servan (University of Bergen, Norway), “Social Distance, Depersonalization and Alienation”

David Vogt (University of Bergen), “Restorative Justice and Social Distance”

Anders Ohnstad (University of Bergen), “Individuality and collectivity in psychotherapy of addiction: Hegel, Freud, Lacan”

Thursday Nov 5 2:00 pm: Roundtable on Neurophilosophy

Moderator: Luiza Mugnol Ugarte

Interdisciplinary Research Project in Neurophilosophy (Brain Institute): Jaderson da Costa, Alexandre Franco, Augusto Buchweitz, Fabricio Pontin, Nythamar de Oliveira

Thursday Nov 5 7:00 pm:


Otavio Bueno (University of Miami), “Visual Evidence and Styles of Scientific Reasoning”

Respondent: Johannes Servan (University of Bergen)